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Roof Repairs


Has your building's roof broken? Maybe it's just a small bit of damage, such as a crack in a single slate or tile. Maybe, on the other hand, it's much larger scale damage that calls for similarly much larger scale repair. Whatever is broken about your building's roof, Unitech Roofing has staff with the relevant knowledge and experience to repair that roof. We can undertake repairs of any size, from repair of an individual slate or tile through to a complete overhaul of a roof, on both residential and commercial buildings.



A variety of roof repair services on offer


Services of roof repair available from Unitech Roofing include:


Repair, replacement and cleaning of guttering - Good guttering is crucial for effective draining of rainwater off your building's roof. We can repair, replace and clean guttering to ensure t hat your building can long benefit from guttering in effective working order.


Slate and tile repairs - Do you have just one slate or tile that needs repairing? Or is it several slates or tiles that need repairing? Either way, we can help.


Flat roof repairs - Having a roof that is almost level repaired does not have to be trickier than having a shaped roof repaired - thanks to Unitech Roofing.


Repairs of fascia and soffit - A fascia is a frieze or band that runs horizontally and is located vertically beneath a roof edge, while a soffit is the finished surface beneath a fascia and the rafters attached to it. We can repair both a fascia and the nearby soffit.


We can repair a roof quickly and to a high standard


Unitech Roofing has the appropriate experience and knowledge to repair all types of domestic, commercial and industrial building roofs. You can therefore feel assured that our expert team can complete any roof repair job quickly and to strictly the highest possible quality. You can easily contact us to learn more about our roof repair services and receive, in a speedy, friendly and trouble-free manner, a free quote for any of the roof repair services that we offer.


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