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Though electric lights can help you to ensure that a building is regularly bathed in sufficient light for people living or working inside it, there is a more cost-effective alternative to electric lights: rooflights! A rooflight comprises of a window panel that provides light through allowing natural light to shine into a building. Due largely to its provision of natural light, a rooflight from Unitech Roofing can provide much better long term value for money than an electric light.



Benefit from rooflight installation and repair services


Unitech Roofing offers services of installation and repair of rooflights for both commercial and industrial buildings. We offer rooflight solutions for both small and large roofs, including roofs of warehouses, factories, offices, agricultural buildings, shops, commercial garages, schools and more.


A variety of types of rooflight solutions


The types of rooflight solutions that we offer include:


- Corrugated and flat plastic roof lights
- Glazed roof lights
- Composite panels


We can also help with new installation, repairs and maintenance of rooflights. This means that we can not only help you to get rooflights into operation, but also help you to keep them in effective working condition for longer, which can help you to save a surprisingly large amount of money in the long term.


Benefits of using rooflights


The particular benefits of using rooflights include being able to lower the financial costs of electricity bills through using natural sunlight, rather than electric light, to light a building's interior. Using natural sunlight in place of electric light in this way can also mean the creation of a healthier working environment and, therefore, enhance productivity in the building.


Guaranteed satisfaction with our rooflight services


Each quote that Unitech Roofing offers for a commercial or industrial roofing solution comes with a free site survey and roof report. We offer competitive quotes and there are no hidden costs with our speedy and professional service, which we guarantee will satisfy. You can call us free to learn more about our rooflight services and how they could greatly help you and your organisation


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