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Garden Roofs


The definition of a garden roof is largely self-explanatory; it can be described simply as a roof on which there is a garden. However, what may not seem so clear are many unique advantages of having a garden roof on your building. Unitech Roofing can construct garden roofing systems for a big variety of buildings, ranging from small domestic flats to large commercial properties.



Practical benefits of garden roofs


A garden roof can improve your building's sound insulation, as the soil can help to block lower frequencies, while the plants can help to block higher frequencies. A garden roof can also help to prevent damp in your building, as water that falls upon such a roof is stored by the substrate before it is taken up by the plants and, through transpiration and evaporation, returned to the atmosphere.


Environmental benefits of garden roofs


The especially unique advantages of a garden roof include, unsurprisingly, benefits for the environment. A garden roof can, for example, be used to increase agricultural space and provide pleasant habitats or corridors for wildlife. It can also act as an effective filter in many ways, such as by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air - and so help to lower rates of diseases like asthma - and filtering pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater.


Financial benefits of garden roofs


Many of us are eager to find as many new ways of saving money as we can. There are many ways in which having a garden roof could help to trim costs. A garden roof can, for example, reduce how much energy needs to be used in your building and reduce the costs of providing the building with sufficient heat and energy. A garden roof can also, through protecting the roof's waterproofing membrane from UV light and other potential sources of harm to the membrane, greatly increase the roof's lifespan and so prevent money having to be spent so soon on a replacement roof. A garden roof could also increase your building's real estate value, which could be especially convenient if or when the building is sold.


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